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Looking for solutions to improve your wellbeing? Here you can find solutions for all kinds of ways to improve your life and wellbeing, all tried and tested by myself. I only recommend what I’ve tested and know works. I will be covering all topics from Mind, Body, Spirit, Work, Home, Family, Social, Food and technology. We are all different at the end of the day, so feel free to modify my ideas to suite your unique self. Feel free to comment with your own solutions!

How to identify and conquer your fears

silhoutte_hiker_mountain_top_215931Fear, it’s a touchy subject that people don’t like to talk about, funnily enough, because they’re afraid of it.
Too afraid to talk about their fears... What can we do about that?
Admitting that you have fears is hard, it’s like they have a strangle hold on your mouth, your heart races or your stomach sinks when you feel them, and you try to change the topic or leave.
When you feel fear your logic brain actually shuts down… Continue reading

The problem with desiring to be rich

fan_of_dollars_204896Everyone I have talked to would like to be rich.... And you know why they want to rich?

So they don't have to work...

I too have thought like this for the longest time

Not long ago I was looking at the rich people in the world, the big ones like Donald Trump, bill gates, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, amongst others. Do you know what I noticed? Every one of them worked really hard to get where they are, and… Continue reading

What makes you smile

In my previous post I talked about how to feel like you’re going somewhere

Step one was to find what makes you happy.

The below links give some hints on how to do this, and I have found them really useful.


How to Discover what makes you happy

8 Ways To Make Your Life Extraordinary, No Matter How Ordinary It Seems

5 Ways To Get Out Of A Rut & Get Your Groove Back

8 Signs It’s Time To… Continue reading

How to feel like you are going somewhere

Does your life seem like a never ending hamster wheel? Does everyday seem like the same day? Do the weeks and months seem to fly past and you wonder where the time went because nothing is different?

This is a common feeling in this busy, fast paced world.

All of society is designed and built around people being in the 9 to 5 hamster wheel of work. Sleep, work, eat, sleep and repeat. We are given the glorious weekend, which… Continue reading

Having a voice of your own

girl_with_microphone_188226For the longest time I have been someone who says very little in group situations. Always in the background, that only talks when asked something.

I always thought of it as having nothing to say or contribute to the conversation, which sometimes is true.

However, Lately I’ve come to realize it’s something more serious, and it stretches back to my childhood and most specifically my relationship with my dad.

You see, everything I was ever interested in, wasn’t interesting to… Continue reading

How to be more productive…


Being productive can be very challenging in todays busy world.

Its been something ive been struggling with for a while, so I went looking for help.

I came across these great articles, and I am implementing them now!

10 things organizes people do every day

10 things that the people who love their lives are doing differently

5 tips to manage your family life and still achieve your dreams


How to get a whole lot of sh*t done in a day



More than just tarot

tarotHaving a deck of tarot/oracle cards can be a handy thing for when you are confused about what you should be doing or where you are to go with your endeavours. I have a few decks and when I have a question I am vexed by, I shuffle and draw a card and read the explanation. Sometimes this is helpful, other times it’s completely, WTF?!
The success of this process depends on your beliefs, and I don't know about you… Continue reading

Aligning your mind with easy meditation

meditation_by_the_lake_195202What is meditation? The common conception is that you have to sit somewhere cross legged, eyes closed, use breathing techniques, whilst listening to some tranquil music or silence. Maybe even humming some chant. The scientific definition, is training your brain to go into a self induced trance state in the Theta range of brain frequency (I’ll be writing an article about this soon. For now, it’s not vital that you know this; as it won’t affect your ability to meditate… Continue reading

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