About me

Hey there, I'm Scott Warren, the creator of this blog, obviously. So you can get an idea about who I am I thought I would do an about me page, I'm not gonna share my whole life story, that would just bore you and this isn’t my memoirs.
Currently I am a draftsman and estimator living in the central west of NSW Australia with my beautiful girlfriend and our 2 dogs.


Back to where it all started: Basically I grew up having a very scientific mind, I questioned everything, I drove my mum crazy constantly asking why? Why? Why? About everything. Until she no longer had the answers, so I had to find them elsewhere, over the years I got a bit side tracked with life, school, girls etc. Until I came across the movie “the Secret” after that everything changed, I read all the spiritual, new age, paranormal, psychic and quantum physics books I could find, and I got to work changing and improving myself and my wellbeing. This lead to developing a passion for spirituality, the power of the mind and thought, the healing properties of nature, and health benefits of yoga and meditation.

For the last couple of years I've been wanting a way to help others and to improve their wellbeing, and it has taken me a couple of years to work out a way to go about it. This blog is the result.
I am very excited to start this blog and start helping people in any small way I can.
I welcome and look forward to hearing all of your feedback, comments and stories.
To your wellbeing.