Being your own boss

Following on from last week, how do we be self directed and self sufficient?
You're probably thinking that I’m saying you should be self employed, not exactly. This might help you do that or even get a promotion. To say it In other words I am talking about being the director of your life or the conductor of your experiences. This takes practice and willpower, and I’m still practicing with it too.
I’ve read all sorts of stuff about creating reality and manifesting and self help and self improvement and a lot of it to me is just fluff to sound good, but what actually works? Well, all of it really, depends on you and how much you give it, but I’ve boiled it down to one simple word.
It’s the biggest factor in everything a person can do. If you want something and you have unbreakable determination to where nothing will stop you from attaining or achieving your goals, then you will find a way no matter what. This applies to the small and the big, from getting a promotion at work, to getting the perfect parking spot, to climbing mount Everest, to even having a fun day.
So how do we get unbreakable determination? You have to find it or make it in yourself, there are no shortcuts, there’s no easy road (there are easy roads when looking in hindsight of course but it’s too late then), you simply have to make a decision and be determined to get it and the way will become apparent, whether that be you get lots of tasks done at work, or you want to get a promotion, or you want to go on a holiday, or you want your own business.
Simply make the choice and be determined to see it happen.
That! Is how you be your own boss.

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