Having a voice of your own

girl_with_microphone_188226For the longest time I have been someone who says very little in group situations. Always in the background, that only talks when asked something.

I always thought of it as having nothing to say or contribute to the conversation, which sometimes is true.

However, Lately I’ve come to realize it’s something more serious, and it stretches back to my childhood and most specifically my relationship with my dad.

You see, everything I was ever interested in, wasn’t interesting to dad.

I loved computers and games and TV shows

He loved cars and repairing things and trains,

He didn’t even want to pretend to like my interests for the sake of talking and bonding.

As a result of this, without me noticing till now, it has made me feel like what I have to say is not interesting to anyone. And I should keep my mouth shut for the sake of not boring people or them thinking I’m just strange (which I am :-) )

I had some help realizing this, my good friend Jo at the bottom line blog. Damn she is good! Also my wonderful girlfriend Louisa at Indicated.

And I think it has been limiting my blogging too, which stops today!

Now that I know this, I am making an effort to say more and speak up, and made my voice heard! I know it’s gonna be a slow journey, but I’ll get there.

And I would love to hear about your stories of similar things or if you had the same experience

To your wellbeing

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  • Hi, I totally agree, feeling that what you have to say is not important or interesting happened to me too. In my heart I know I am an interesting person with my own story, but getting past others opinions is hard. I have decided that other peoples opinion of me is none of my business. I am going to move forward with my love and speak my mind, glad to hear you will too. Karen

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