How to identify and conquer your fears

silhoutte_hiker_mountain_top_215931Fear, it’s a touchy subject that people don’t like to talk about, funnily enough, because they’re afraid of it.
Too afraid to talk about their fears... What can we do about that?
Admitting that you have fears is hard, it’s like they have a strangle hold on your mouth, your heart races or your stomach sinks when you feel them, and you try to change the topic or leave.
When you feel fear your logic brain actually shuts down and you enter flight or fight, and you react instead of respond.
When your logic brain isn’t working it makes it really difficult to think, let alone tell yourself to get over this and face it.
So what do we do about fear?
Firstly you have to admit to yourself that you are afraid of your fear, this alone takes courage, self reflection and looking within.
Normally it’s easiest to notice the fear when you are coming down from feeling it
Or they might be so ingrained from being there so long; you might need someone close to you to tell you. Don’t be shy; the fact of you asking shows courage and that is more memorable than the fear.
Secondly you need to have a mental picture in your head for what it looks like once you have conquered the fear.
Thirdly is simply going into the situation that is the fear and holding that mental image and continuing through the fear. This might take a few times, and that’s ok. Give yourself some credit for at least trying. Then try again, and again, and again till you no longer feel the fear.
The feeling you get from conquering the fear will be much more rewarding than the fear.

I have been doing this lately, mostly around speaking up and having a voice and it feels good, it’s a slow process but I’m getting there.

How about you?

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  • Yes well written
    Francis Bacon said – It was a miserable state of mind to have a few things to desire and many things to fear
    Also Franklin Roostevelt in his first address said = Let me assert my firm belief that anything we have to fear is fear itself ” so replace fear of death by Fear of God and lead life courageously


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