Illusion of multitasking

I like to multitask; I do it all the time. I thought it was a good way to work. Then I imagined a surgeon multitasking, writing a report on a surgery while performing a surgery, this would be terrible! He needs all his concentration and mental capacity to do a surgery. Then I thought why isn’t my work worth my full attention, instead of half or less of my attention. Wouldn’t I do a better job if I was fully focused? Yes I would. Granted my work isn’t as significant as a surgery, but it’s still worth most of my attention.

Since realising this, I’ve been observing myself multitask, and I realised, it is actually task switching. You literally can’t do 2 completely different things at the same time, you can’t be drawing a portrait while writing a report, digging a hole and reply to an email. You do a little of one then a little of the other, you switch and switch back.

Now I admit, I’m still guilty of task switching, but for the more important things I do, I am working on giving my undivided attention to it.

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