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tarotHaving a deck of tarot/oracle cards can be a handy thing for when you are confused about what you should be doing or where you are to go with your endeavours. I have a few decks and when I have a question I am vexed by, I shuffle and draw a card and read the explanation. Sometimes this is helpful, other times it’s completely, WTF?!
The success of this process depends on your beliefs, and I don't know about you but when I am vexed by something, I have a hard time believing a deck of cards will help.
There are times when I have been able to believe in the cards and gotten useful answers. These answers are always general. It’s been up to me to connect them to my situation.

When this happens for you and you find a connection, that creates a reaction within your body such as warmth, a rush of blood, flutter of your heartbeat or a tingling sensation of your skin, it's important that you listen to it because it’s your body telling you that it’s the truth.

However a tarot/oracle card reading by a confident person, who trusts her cards completely, can provide quite a revelation to your personal situation, which is very difficult by yourself. Not only can it tell you where you are but where you are about to go, how people are seeing you, what you hope and fear and what is undermining your thoughts and more.
I have a good friend who does tarot card readings. Not only does she read the cards, she can work with you to solve your question from a spiritual and emotional perspective using her extensive experience of both tarot and life. Her name is Jo Gifford and her website is
I had a reading from Jo not long ago. Whilst I didn’t have a specific question I was vexed by, I was still curious about a few things and asked for a general reading. Not only did I discover what was blocking my growth and career path, but what caused it in the first place, why it was there, and what to do about it. It helped immensely and in that time I have finally managed to make some headway with working from home which I have been trying to do for 10 years without success.
I highly recommend a tarot card reading from her, I have no doubt it will help you. You can contact her via her website at
I would love to hear about your experiences with tarot or oracle cards.

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  • Thanks for your shout out, Scott. Anyone can use the cards themselves – you just need to practice on a regular basis until you build your confidence in them. In my experience they are never wrong. Just have fun with them first and don’t ask heavy questions (“why am I alive?”) until you can be in a relaxed state when you ask.

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