Saying no

Are you someone who says yes to everyone? Are you the ‘go to’ person when someone needs a favour? Do you bend over backwards for anyone?

So was I. And I still am sometimes. But I’m working on saying no some of the time, I still like being a helpful person and lending a hand, but there comes times when either I just don’t want to or I can’t and I have to say no.

Saying no was a challenge for me because I used to think that I had to say yes so people would like me, or not dislike me, or something else silly. But I’ve come to realise that saying no won’t make someone not like you, they will just ask the next person, then the next. And I’ve learnt that it’s a good thing to put yourself first when you need to, after all this is you, who else is gonna do it?

If you are like this, I dare you to say no next time someone asks for your help, don’t be mean about it, and just politely say no I can’t. And feel how much confidence it builds in you. And if you are going to be your own boss like in last weeks post, then you need to be able to say no.

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